That Sunny Summer Staple

by Christie Nowels

I can't even begin to tell you how I pleased I am that the sun is finally coming out and the warm weather is on its way! I'll admit, my first year in London has been a breeze - mild winter, not many rainy days - but to me, June is supposed to be tank tops and bikinis, not jackets and jeans.. 

The good thing about London is you don't have to worry about the humidity, which is why this basic Zara sweater is perfect for a breezy day, paired with those "perfect pair of sandals you got last summer" heels. Gucci makes beautifully crafted, yet comfortable summer sandals with just enough heel to make your legs look a tad longer. (I'm only 5'5'' so I need all the height I can get!) 

Every summer, you hear the words "summer staple". Those special, yet basic items that you simply cannot live without. I've had these Michael Kors sunnies since high school and they are still my go-to pair. I've never been a person who constantly covets that "next best thing." There's always going to be a cuter pair of shoes, a new style jumper, and a new pair of jeans that every celebrity swears makes their legs look skinnier. Sometimes we get so caught up in the moment of modernity, newness, and sparkles that we forget what we've fonded over year after year. For me, these sunnies tell a story. They saw the very first time I drove myself to the beach, my first trip to Paris and Rome, and of course, my endless amounts of innocent shenanigans with my closest girlfriends.  A "summer staple" doesn't have to be the new "it" thing, but rather something that tells a story about yourself and what makes your summers so memorable. I know mine do. What's your summer staple?  

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Purse | Chanel 
Shoes | Gucci 
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xx Christie